Peter B. Lord Seminars: Renewable Energy

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Innovations in Renewable Energy
March 15, 2013
Coastal Institute Hazard Seminar Room
University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography

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Welcome and Introductions

Sunshine Menezes, URI Metcalf Institute

Offshore Wind in New England: Where Are We Headed, and When Will We Get There?

Fara Courtney, U.S. Offshore Wind Collaborative; Karen Adams, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Aileen Kenney, Deepwater Wind, LLC; Philip Warburg, Author of “Harvest the Wind

As several New England states race to earn the title of first major offshore wind farm in American waters, a new regulatory process is evolving to accommodate the environmental, economic, and political issues of these novel, cross-boundary efforts to harness a regionally-plentiful form of renewable energy. Panelists will offer a variety of perspectives on the state of offshore wind energy development in the region, including institutional and economic challenges and opportunities.

Networking Lunch

Electricity from Tides, Waves, and Currents: Possible, Probable, or Pipe Dream?

Stephan Grilli, URI Ocean Engineering; Annette Grilli, URI Ocean Engineering

Engineers and optimistic advocates of renewable energy have long sought the means to utilize the power of hydrokinetic energy (from tides, waves, currents, ocean temperature gradients, etc.) to provide a clean and consistent form of electricity. This session will offer an overview of the potential of wave energy and the findings of a recent report by the National Academy of Sciences regarding the differences between the theoretical and practical opportunities to utilize marine hydrokinetic energy on a national scale.

Powering the Future: Will Renewables Remake the Grid?

David Hill, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation; Timothy Roughan, National Grid; Michael Henry, Environment Northeast

How does renewable energy fit into a regional transmission system that was constructed to accommodate plentiful fossil fuel-based sources? What are the technical and regulatory concerns of connecting renewable sources from the generator to the transmission and distribution systems?

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