Climate Change and the News: Planning for Sea Level Rise & Extreme Weather Agenda

Sea Level Rise and Extreme Weather Seminar
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November 4, 2015
Rising Seas Summit
Boston Sheraton Hotel
39 Dalton Street
Boston, MA

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Agenda for November 4, 2015

8:30am – 12:15 pm
Rising Seas Summit Plenaries
See the Rising Seas Summit agenda for details.
Welcome and Introductions
Sunshine Menezes, URI Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting; Dan Kreeger, Association of Climate Change Officers
As participants gather to eat lunch, Seminar hosts will provide short introductions to the program and the collaboration between Metcalf Institute and ACCO.
1:00-2:00 Scientific Introduction to Sea Level Rise and Extreme Weather Events
Ben Strauss, Climate Central; Amir AghaKouchak, University of California – Irvine
To set the stage for this seminar, speakers will summarize the state of scientific understanding and some projections for sea level rise and extreme weather events in the U.S.
2:00-3:30 Managing Climate Risks: What is at Stake?
Quinton Zondervan, Climate Action Business Association; Jacqueline Patterson, NAACP; Jane Downing, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Rising seas and flooding present a wide range of economic, public health, and social justice challenges for businesses and communities. Speakers will discuss these challenges and efforts to address them.
3:30-3:45 Break
3:45-5:15 Case Studies in Adaptation to Sea Level Rise and Extreme Weather Events
Nancy Gassman, City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Ben McFarlane, Hampton Roads Planning District Commission; Steven Miller, Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Speakers will identify some of the approaches being used to build resilient coastal zones, with a focus on protecting environmental resources, transportation infrastructure, and municipal services.
5:15-6:00 Covering Climate Change
Joe Romm, Climate Progress
Climate change is no longer just an environmental issue, but one that underlies all news beats. Two veteran climate change communicators will share their experiences in covering this challenging topic in a discussion designed to help participants identify new approaches in their reporting.
6:00 Adjourn
6:00-7:00 Rising Seas Summit Networking Reception
Join Summit attendees for refreshments and hors d’oeuvres.


This program is underwritten by The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, with significant in-kind support provided by the Association of Climate Change Officers.


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