2014 Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists

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Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting held its 16th Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists: Climate Change in Coastal Ecosystems with a focus on climate change. The workshop ran from June 1 through June 6, 2014 at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography, one of the nation’s premier oceanographic research institutions.

The Metcalf Workshop is a unique professional development experience that gives journalists an opportunity to explore and understand the effects of climate change in coastal ecosystems, using Narragansett Bay as a living laboratory.

Metcalf Fellows rolled up their sleeves for an intensive week with scientists and regulatory experts in the field, lab and at the conference table. Journalists learned how to interpret scientific publications and sharpen their investigative reporting skills as they explore some of the most important environmental issues of our time.

The ten journalists selected to attend the workshop:

  • Studied the causes and consequences of ocean acidification through hands-on research;
  • Conducted a fisheries survey aboard the URI research vessel Cap’n Bert to identify the long-term impacts of climate change on commercially important fisheries;
  • Discussed projections for sea level rise and the latest policy approaches for coastal adaptation to climate change;
  • Attended lectures featuring top national researchers, policy makers and science communicators;
  • Enjoyed off-deadline interactions with scientists and cultivate contacts for future reporting;
  • Gained skills and confidence to translate scientific publications for public audiences.

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