Demystifying Aquatic Science Agenda

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Demystifying Aquatic Science for Opinion Journalists

Association of Opinion Journalists 2013 Convention
Hyatt Regency Newport
1 Goat Island
Newport, RI
October 14, 2013
4:00-5:45 p.m.


4:00-4:30           Water Pollution as a Global Change Issue

Art Gold, University of Rhode Island College of Environment and Life Sciences
Kay Ho, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Unable to attend as a result of government shutdown)

Stormwater runoff to inland and coastal waters constitute an often-overlooked aspect of global environmental change, as do so-called “emerging contaminants,” which represent pollutants with perceived health threats but little existing toxicological data. Speakers will discuss these various pollution concerns, how they are assessed, and why they are important.

4:30-5:00           Too Much of a Good Thing: Extreme Weather and Climate Change Adaptation

Isaac Ginis, University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography
Amanda Lynch, Brown University Department of Geological Sciences

Coastal cities are facing a daunting planning challenge as extreme weather events place unforeseen stresses upon aging, critical infrastructure ranging from roads to  wastewater treatment and fuel storage facilities. The speakers will describe trends in these potentially devastating events and some of the water-related adaptation concerns that follow.

5:00-5:20           Toward a National Water Policy

Gerald Galloway, University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering

The wide-ranging concerns regarding water safety, availability, and management have led some to argue for a national water policy effort. A leading proponent for this approach will describe the goals and status of such a national policy.

5:20-5:45           Q&A

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