Climate Change and the News: Climate Change Planning & Response

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Climate Change and the News Initiative

National Adaptation Forum logoMay 11 – 12, 2015
National Adaptation Forum
St. Louis Union Station Hotel
St. Louis, Missouri


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It’s happening right now in your community. Towns, states and regions are undertaking efforts to minimize the impacts of rising sea levels, warming temperatures, and, changing weather patterns on homes, businesses, public safety, and critical infrastructure.  This relatively new field of research and practice, called climate change adaptation, is leading to innovations that involve a variety of new – and sometimes surprising – partnerships.

Journalists from across the U.S. had the rare opportunity to explore these new approaches to adaptation and discover fresh story ideas about climate change response and preparedness as part of Metcalf Institute’s Climate Change and the News initiative.

Metcalf Institute partnered with the National Adaptation Forum and EcoAdapt to present the free seminar and field trip as part of the 2015 National Adaptation Forum in St. Louis, Missouri. The Forum provided a rare opportunity for journalists to meet adaptation experts from across the nation representing local, state, regional, tribal and federal interests and focused on climate change impacts and adaptation efforts ranging from the transportation, agriculture, and insurance sectors to architecture, environmental justice, and disaster risk management.

The 1.5-day seminar overlapped with the National Adaptation Forum to give journalists a tour of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and a full-day introduction to the Forum’s topics. The seminar highlighted projects designed to help communities plan for and respond to the wide-ranging impacts of climate change and featured talks by scientists, local officials, NGO and business representatives summarizing climate change science and the broad range of approaches being used to help communities weather projected impacts. Journalists selected to attend this seminar were also offered the opportunity to attend all National Adaptation Forum sessions, providing access to adaptation practitioners from across the U.S.


“This has been a very rare and valuable opportunity to speak directly to a group of journalists about the critical topic of climate resilience. I believe it will provide a large return on the investment in the months and years to come.”
– Gwen Griffith, Seminar Speaker with the Cumberland River Compact and Climate Solutions University

“I left the program with a greatly deepened understanding of climate risk and adaptation that will allow me to do my work more effectively, and provide my audience with deeper, smarter insights into the problems we face.”
– Seminar Participant

About the National Adaptation Forum and EcoAdapt
The National Adaptation Forum gathers the adaptation community to foster knowledge exchange, innovation and mutual support for a better tomorrow.  The Forum includes opportunities for professional development through formal trainings, facilitated practitioner presentations, and informal exchange of information all at a single venue. This event affords attendees the opportunity to learn more about how to make their work climate smart, share what they have learned with others, and develop a stronger network to be climate savvy in all that they do. EcoAdapt was founded to offer training, and assistance to make planning and management less vulnerable by providing support for climate change adaptation.

This program was underwritten by The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, with significant in-kind support provided by  the National Adaptation Forum.

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