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Metcalf Institute donors’ generous contributions foster informed public conversations about environmental challenges and solutions. We gratefully acknowledge the individuals, agencies, and foundations whose donations have a global multiplier effect through improved environmental news coverage and more effective science communication.

The following donors and funders supported Metcalf Institute in Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1 2017 – June 30 2018)

Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Abrams
Mr. Russell Adler
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Aldrich
Anonymous, Rhode Island Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Aukerman
Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Baker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Ballard
Mr. David H. Baron
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beal
Ms. Callan R. Bleick
Ms. Karen A. Bordeleau
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Brainard, II
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Braitmayer
Mr. Thomas A. Buffum, Jr.
Mr. John D. Carlone
Ms. Liz Chace
Ms. Caitlin M. Chaffee
Mr. Matthew Chin*
Mr. Gerard P. Closset
Mr. John Michael Conti
Dr. Meghan F. Cronin
Ms. Beth Daley and Mr. Peyton Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Murray S. Danforth, III
Ms. Cornelia Dean
Ms. Christine Dell’Amore*
Ms. Julia Kumari Drapkin*
Ms. Ambar Espinoza*
Ms. Kathie R. Florsheim*
Mr. Shepard Forman
Dr. Jennifer Ann Francis and Mr. Peter Francis
Ms. Lynne Friedmann
Ms. Cheryl L. Fulanovich and Ms. Jo Ann Fulanovich
Mr. Chiraag Galaiya
Ms. Christy George*
Mr. and Mrs. Elbridge T. Gerry, Jr.
Ms. Gail Ginnetty
Glass Onion
Ms. Lumina Greenway
Mr. Alexander Halpern and Ms. Cindy Xu
Mr. Topher Hamblett
Mr. Rudolph A. Hempe#
Ms. Sara C. Hickox and Dr. Charles F. Hickox
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hill
Mr. Jesse Hirsch*
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Holz
Horst Engineering
Mr. John I. Howell Jr.#
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Howland
Mr. Lars C. Ingerslev
Dr. Lloyd Irland
Mr. William H. Ise
Ms. Whitney H. Jastram
Ms. Mari N. Jensen*
Mr. Robert Kermes
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Kilguss
Ms. Rona Kobell*
Mr. and Mrs. Fraser A. Lang
Ms. Katharine W. Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leeson, Jr.#
Mr. John Lehman
Lincoln Financial Foundation^
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Little#
Mr. John Garnet Lord
Mrs. Mary Ann Lord @
Dr. Ward R. Maier
Ms. Susan Marcus
Mr. Jason Margolis*
Mr. Benjamin W. McCleary
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Menezes
Dr. Sunshine Menezes
Mrs. Charlotte S. Metcalf@
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Metcalf, Jr.
Ms. Lucy D. Metcalf@
Ms. Teresa D. Metcalf
Ms. Kendall Moore
Ms. Mailinda Moore
The Murray Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. Darrell Nicholson*
Mr. Paul Coe Nicholson, Jr.
Mr. William T. O’Donnell, Jr.
Mr. Edward Ortiz*
Mr. Thomas P. Palmer
Drs. Kelly and Michael Pennell
Pew Charitable Trusts^
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Q. Pilson
Mr. Sonam Pokwal and Ms. Connie Chen
Ms. Alessandra Potenza*
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Richardson
Dr. Rebecca Robinson and Mr. Dennis K. Graham#
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson W. Robinson
Mr. James Roche and Ms. Catalina Martinez
The Rt. Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Hays H. Rockwell
Ms. Elizabeth Rush*
Drs. Tatiana A. Rynearson* and Susanne Menden-Deuer*
Dr. Eileen Sadasiv
Ms. Deborah S. Salamone*
Mr. Richard L. Salit*
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Scott
Ms. Barinetta Scott
Mr. Robert B. Semple, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D Sharpe, Jr.
Ms. Sarah A. Sharpe
The Sharpe Family Foundation
Ms. Kate Sheppard*
Ms. Kate Siber*
Mr. Matthew Smith*
Ms. Lisa Song*
Mr. Daniel M. Sprague
Mr. Frederick W. Stolle, Jr. and Ms. Esther Solondz
Dr. Cynthia L. Suchman
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Taft, IV
Mr. Peter P. Thomson* and Ms. Edith K. Buhs
Mr. and Mrs. W. Nicholas Thorndike
Ms. Pamela M. Thye#
Mr. and Mrs. David Tinder
The Hon. and Mrs. Ernest C. Torres
Ms. Vanessa Fajans-Turner
Dr. Robert Vanderslice and Ms. Margaret Kerr
Ms. Chelsea T. Wald*
Mr. Morris A. Ward
Watkins Burnham Fund
Ms. Sarah Watson*
Dr. Barry M. Wepman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitcomb
Ms. Christine G. Woodside* and Mr. Nathaniel B.T. Eddy
Mr. Dominick G. Yanchunas*


Tribute Gifts in Honor of
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Cryan@
Mr. George H. Lord and Family@
Mr. John Garnet Lord@
Ms. Ann M. Rabuse@
Ms. Manuela Zoninsein* and Mr. Andrew Dunn

* Metcalf Institute alumni
@ Michael P. Metcalf Institute Endowment Fund
# Metcalf Institute Annual Fund and Endowment Fund
^ Matching gift

Metcalf Institute FY2018 programs and operating costs were supported by the following funders:

National Science Foundation (various projects)
Rhode Island NSF Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH)
URI College of Environment and Life Sciences

In-kind support was provided by:
Mr. and Mrs. Fraser Lang
Ms. Manuela Zoninsein and Mr. Andrew Dunn